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Jane Austen Embroidery Book


Hardback embroidery book, signed copy. 

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Written by Jennie Batchelor and Alison Larkin, and published by Pavilion Books in 2020. 15 authentic embroidery projects bringing Georgian embroidery patterns up to date for modern stitchers: including historical background about Jane Austen, embroidery and the Lady’s Magazine. Hardback, UK Edition, signed copy. 

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2 thoughts on “Jane Austen Embroidery Book

  1. Hello, I had recently committed myself to read a work on Jane Austen by author Stephanie Barron; whose first mystery book on Austen is titled: Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scrargrave Manor and it was during the reading of this book that I encountered Jane’s love of stitching; described: “I seated myself over some needlework, the better to marshal my thoughts…” anyhow, this imagery of Jane not only to taking to the ‘pen’ to forge her foibles but also taking to ‘needlework’ when in doubt or trying to fit the pieces together of some puzzling mystery. I stumbled onto this site by way of chance and all that I am trying to explain is loss.
    I maintain a small tea blog and I like to report of tea hapstance or such in my blog; and now this connection of Jane to stitching will somehow find a way in this little tea blog and for stitching. I am not good at anything that I do; in fact, I am less than mediocre; others more intelligent than I make fun at my inability to simply read a book while it takes me forever to read and submit reviews which most time don’t add up to standard book reviews. What I do is for mine eyes alone. I am happy to stumble onto this embroidery book and will find a way to mention of this in a post.
    Seemingly to not have made sense in this contact sheet; thank you for sharing of your wealth of information with the world. I am not very good but I try of things is all. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Ainee! I’m glad you like the book. it was a lot of fun writing it and designing the projects.

      I’d love to see a copy of your blog post if you do mention the book.

      Best wishes,

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