Alison Larkin Embroidery

Historical Embroidery in Full-size and Miniature

Links and Contacts

Here are some links to other contacts and websites I find useful, and other miscellaneous things/stuff!

Bradford-on-Avon Book Fiesta 2020: September 14th 2020: online chat with Gabrielle Malcolm about Jane Austen Embroidery with myself and Jennie Batchelor

Crafting through Covid: 16th September 2020: Online Conversation with myself and Jennie Batchelor about Jane Austen Embroidery, and working and crafting through Lockdown

My favourite Silk embroidery threads! The Silk Mill: 700 gorgeous colours of stranded pure Chinese silk thread

Projects from Jane Austen Embroidery: a video showing some of the projects from Jane Austen Embroidery

Patterns of perfection: Prof Jennie Batchelor’s ongoing website with patterns from the Lady’s Magazine to download under a Creative Commons Licence. Some GORGEOUS 18/19th century embroidery patterns from the Lady’s Magazine!