Alison Larkin Embroidery

Historical Embroidery in Full-size and Miniature


“That’s lovely, but I couldn’t do it: I only do cross stitch”.

Learn with Alison Larkin to develop embroidery skills and styles which will give you a lifetime of creative enjoyment.


MY Online School is now up and running, and the FREE courses will be available from next Wednesday, 12th May!

More info on my School Page HERE!!

FREE!: Starfield Blackwork Scissor Keeper minicourse: a chance to learn traditional blackwork. (Image above!)

FREE!: Embroider a Georgian Sprig minicourse: Learn traditional free embroidery stitches using a Georgian pattern.

Embroidery Beyond Cross Stitch: A Block Sampler Stitch-along course. Sample several different counted thread techniques to find your creative niche. COMING SOON!


As soon as we are released from Lockdown I will be looking at re-starting my classes in Hull. I have two monthly classes based at Hull Charterhouse Hall, on the edge of the city centre near North Bridge. If the planned easing of Lockdown goes to plan I will be looking at restarting classes in July.

I am also looking at some other venues on the west side of the city, and I’ll post details as soon as I know more.

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