Alison Larkin Embroidery

Historical Embroidery in Full-size and Miniature


“That’s lovely, but I couldn’t do it: I only do cross stitch”.

Learn with Alison Larkin to develop embroidery skills and styles which will give you a lifetime of creative enjoyment.


MY Online School is now up and running, and Courses are available at various times throughout the year.

More info on my School Page HERE!!

FREE!: Starfield Blackwork Scissor Keeper minicourse: a chance to learn traditional blackwork. (Image above!)

FREE!: Embroider a Georgian Sprig minicourse: Learn traditional free embroidery stitches using a Georgian pattern.

Embroidery Beyond Cross Stitch: A Block Sampler Stitch-along course. Sample several different counted thread techniques to find your creative niche. COMING SOON!


As soon as we are released from Lockdown I will be looking at re-starting my classes in Hull. I have two monthly classes based at Hull Charterhouse Hall, on the edge of the city centre near North Bridge. If the planned easing of Lockdown goes to plan I will be looking at restarting classes in July.

I am also looking at some other venues on the west side of the city, and I’ll post details as soon as I know more.

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