Progress so far

I am making great progress with the Georgian project. At least, it seems great progress to me, now I have time to work on it full-time. I can recommend this retirement lark!

I have had a couple of research visits to look at materials in collections, one to the Kay-Shuttleworth Collection at Gawthorpe Hall, and one to Leeds Museums Discovery Centre. Both have some stunning 18th century items in their collections, which cause me some heartache in the difficulties of getting the fabrics they used, especially the very fine muslins.

The colours of the silk threads are fantastic, and the stitching is very fine, but not complex stitches: Satin stitch, chain stitch, French Knots, and similar. So I can do this if I can get fine enough threads and fabrics. They seemed to use either loosely twisted silk thread, or flat (untwisted) silk, which is interesting. I’ve worked with both at different times.

I am also making progress with making the items for my own costume. I have bought some printed cottons from a website in the USA which are going to be super for the dresses, and I am working on the accessories. So far I have finished a neckerchief/fichu in Dresden work, using some lovely 70 count muslin I found in Bombay Stores. I hope I can get more! I am also working on a stomacher on blue silk, and on the lappets for a cap in Dresden work again. I love the 18th century whitework! They had such a lot of embroidery on both men’s and women’s costumes during the 1700s. Pictures of the neckerchief and stomacher below, if I can get this to work. I’m a bit new to this, and getting instruction from my brother, who is my webmaster, by phone, when I get stuck!

I’m also working on the Barkcloth I bought online from Hawaii, making another piece of embroidery in needlelace and silk shading, to see what it is like to work with. More details in a later post.

Oops, No Pictures yet. Sorry, I will add them soon, I promise. Ian.........!!