This morning I've finished a project I've been working on for almost exactly a year. It's an embroidered Stomacher, loosely based on a design from Charles de St Aubin's book, The Art of the Embroiderer, which dates from 1770. It's stitched on ivory silk, using silk thread and silver passing thread. The green edges of the ribbon, and the silver passing thread are tamboured, and the rest is long-and short stitch, chain stitch satin stitch and French knots, mostly with spilt silk thread.

I've made it up with a layer of flannel and buckram to stiffen the stomacher. There are also 3 pieces of synthetic whalebone boning which are stitched between two layers of linen for the lining. I'm rather pleased with how it has come out, I must admit!

It is finished just in time, because next weekend I am manning a stand at the "Burlington House Courtyard Late" for the Society of Antiquaries of London. It takes place on Friday evening this week (26th August), between 6.00 and 9.00. They were kind enough to give me money for the Cook Waistcoat Project in 2014, and have asked me to come and talk to visitors to their event about the project and what I have learned from the work. I'm delighted to be able to visit them again: they were very welcoming when I lectured there as part of their public lecture series last year. The lecture is on their website, if you are interested. The link is:

I'm planning on wearing my taffeta evening gown for the occasion, as it is an evening event, and I wanted to have the stomacher finished to wear with it. It should look well, I hope! See you there, if you can make it, dear Reader! It's quite a big event, with all of Burlington House open, I understand. Details via the link below. It's free!!!