A weekend in Norfolk

Had a great time this last weekend in Norfolk. We were staying with some old friends from my former prison (aka full-time work) who had moved to furrin parts in Aylsham. Margaret had roped me in to demonstrate at the Woolfest she was helping to organise, called "Woolly Worsted"! It's their first go at a wool festival for Norfolk, and the whole weekend went very well.

On Friday I dropped Chris off at the Stamp Shop at Blickling Hall, then went to have a quick look at the Textile Exhibition there. Some good work, but there didn't seem to be a lot of hand embroidery. I also spent Friday evening talking about the Captain Cook Waistcoat Project to a small but select group of very interested folks at Aylsham Heritage Centre. An excellent audience who had some very pertinent questions and some very useful suggestions about places to contact in Norfolk who have good costume collections.

Then on Saturday it was over to Dilham for the Woolly Worsted event. I was parked in a very good spot in the middle of the village hall - you couldn't miss me! I was all dressed up in my printed linen gown, and stitching on the stomacher I've been working on for a while. I had a lot of interest in my work, and some very flattering comments. It's good for the ego to do sessions like this.

The festival seemed to be a great success, and they are already thinking about how to develop it for next year. They had lots of visitors, and a good variety of different fibre crafts represented. I got work done on the stomacher, and talked to a lot of people about hand embroidery and 18th century work. I had a great chat with Molly Aldridge, in the picture below, who lives in Dilham, and is a great character!

Then we moved on to meet my niece at Ickworth Hall on Monday and then dinner with her and her fiancé David in the evening. We all four have birthdays within about 2 weeks, so it was a bit of a joint party. A good evening! Now I have to get back to work, finishing the rewrite of my paper about the Cook Waistcoat project, and getting ready for a Whitework workshop on July 2nd. Ah well......