First attempt at Millinery!

I've been invited to the opening of the Exhibition of the Stubb's Kongouroo Picture at the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby tomorrow evening. It seemed to me that for an evening reception, Elizabeth would have worn her best gown, so I've spent the last few days making a taffeta gown using some material I found in a sale at Bombay Stores. Rather gorgeous purple shot taffeta. I'll get someone to take a picture tomorrow.

It also occurred to me that Elizabeth would have worn a hat for an evening reception, so I sent for a pattern from Golden Scissors ( I wasn't sure if it would come in time, but it arrived Monday.

It's based on covering a straw hat, so a little exploration in Boyes gave me a fairly basic sunhat, actually made of paper, not straw. The crown was too high, so I had to cut it down and restitch it, but that gave me quite a good shape (by accident), and I also took about 1" or so from the brim, which was a bit wide. Didn't think to photograph the hat to start with, sorry! The edge of the brim is supported with some covered wire, since paper is a bit more floppy than straw would be.

Covering the crown and brim was fairly straightforward, and I've decorated it with a ring of taffeta puffs and a rosette of pinked taffeta, held by a covered button. I think it works quite well: pretty but not ostentatious.

Covering the crown inside was a bit more fiddly, as the lining needed to be stitched to the inside of the crown to anchor it. However, I was successful, even if my fingers feel a bit like pincushions! The ribbons are polyester satin, the closest match I could find in colour, I'll change them if I find the right silk ribbon sometime. And perhaps next time I'll be able to find a proper straw hat to work with, but needs must!

I think it works. My first attempt at millinery arts! I shall get some pictures of the ensemble tomorrow, I hope.