Bit of DIY!

There's nothing like creating an unholy mess in a good cause! A couple of weeks ago, Chris and I spent a weekend in Cambridge with my niece, Gemma and her boyfriend David. Great weekend, Russell Watson concert at the Royal Albert Hall on the Saturday, and then the boys (David, Chris, Gemma's stepdad and her half-brother Tom) plus her mum all went to the Air Museum at Duxford for a Boys' birthday treat. Not my scene, so Gemma and I went to a local farm shop, then on a vineyard tour at Chilford Hall. Well worth a visit, btw: very interesting tour and good wine to sample.

While at the farm shop I saw a piece of furniture, which for most folks was just the sort of gimmicky thing you'd find in touristy places. For me, or rather for my studio, it's a godsend. It's a small shelf/cupboard unit, with a drawer, baskets and a cupboard - and a folding ironing board on top! Extra storage space, plus an ironing surface...... Wow!

I managed to get a chunk off the price, as it was slightly damaged and rather shop-worn. It fitted on the back seat of the car without any problems. Gemma's stepdad, Paul was able to fix the damaged back section for me, and she dropped it off yesterday on her way to Scotland for a weeks holiday. She and David had been spending a couple of nights with David's dad in Swanland.

I don't know who made it, as there is no label : probably because they don't want to own up! It's the shoddiest piece of work. I'd be ashamed to let it out of my workshop, and I'm no cabinet maker! Some of the wood is not finished, and none of the bits that didn't show were even painted! Not even the inside of the cupboard. Given the price, I'm not surprised. So I can't recommend the company even if I wanted to.

However, as a result of the shoddy workmanship, it needed repainting, or rather for most of it, PAINTING. So I have been able to repaint it to match the woodwork in the studio, hence the mess. I had JUST enough of the pale grey eggshell left from Keith's wonderful work on the studio. The back section is now fixed (the bit on the left) and just needed screwing into place. It's not the best paint job in the world, I will happily admit, but I'm no expert by any means. At some point I will re-cover it to match the rest of my studio better, but for now I have more storage and more ironing space. For not a lot of cash, plus an afternoon's happy mess-making on the drive! Well worth the time and effort.