Getting ready to exhibit

I've been getting pieces ready this morning to submit some pieces of work to POP: Pride-of-Place Artspace in Princes Quay. Their next exhibition is focussing on Craft pieces: Embroidery, ceramics, sewing, knitting and so on. It's a great opportunity for local crafters to show off their work. The exhibition is titled "Hand-made" and it will run through June and July, opening on June 5th.

I'm hoping to exhibit several pieces, some of which I've exhibited before, but two of them are new, to exhibition at least. One is a piece I made for my mum for her birthday, "Spring on the Moors", which is based on a walk she and I took on the North York Moors some years ago about this time of year. Everything was coming out, the larches were budding, the pussy willow was out and so were primroses, Gorse, Coltsfoot and others. They were all white or yellow, plus the glorious green of the new larch buds. Mum had her camera with her and we took quite a lot of pictures which I converted to a small split stitch oval piece, for her birthday the following year. I'm going to borrow it back from her on condition that I don't sell it!

The other is a piece I only finished last week and collected from the framers today. It was originally intended for a competition for the Embroiderers' Guild Regional Day last year, but with the Australia trip and everything else I just didn't get round to it. The theme was "Waterways" and I had the idea of a triptych based on a pond, but vertical rather than horizontal. I finally gort started on it a couple of months ago, and it has worked out quite well and more-or-less as I had envisaged. The three panels show above the water, below the surface and the bottom of the pond, with the stems of Reedmace and Waterlilies as a linking strand between the three panels. I've tried to stitch the animals and plants as accurately as possible. Image Framers in Anlaby have done a great job, as usual, and it looks super.

Hopefully the pieces will be accepted for exhibition: I'll keep you posted, dear Reader. I'm taking them down this afternoon! I'm also submitting Acanthus, Colchiques and Mirror, Mirror.