Busy few days!

Chris and I had a few days in Whitby over the Easter break. Partly to check Mum's house was ok: she's still away in South Africa on holiday, so we stayed there to keep it 'busy' looking. The weather was ridiculously lovely for the first weekend in April.

The main reason, though, was that I was stitching in the Captain Cook Museum, on Easter Monday, as part of the exhibition work. Pretending (not very hard) to be Elizabeth Cook! It went very well: quite a lot of people came, and the kids in particular seemed to enjoy seeing me there in costume. Miriam, the Community Liaison Officer, was doing a workshop making buttons as well, and that was very popular too! I managed the whole day in costume without any problems, and got quite a lot done on the Map Sampler. I'm making a replica of a Map Sampler Elizabeth stitched in memory of James in about 1800.

Then we came back Tuesday morning, as I had the Tuesday Sewing Group in the afternoon. That was a great afternoon as well, with four people there, and a lot of stitching and discussion about stitches, design ideas and gardening! A good time was had by all, I think, as well as tea and biscuits.

Then today I've been working on a design I had originally planned for a regional competition last year, but I just didn't have time with everything else. It's a triptych of Pond life, spaced vertically, showing the water surface in the top layer, just below the surface in the middle, then the bottom of the pond in the lower panel. Just the top panel so far, but I've finished that one now. I was finishing off the crested newt this afternoon. I'm rather pleased with him. Now I need to think about the Middle panel: tadpoles, sticklebacks and a diving beetle! I'll keep you posted, Dear Reader!