Elizabeth's at it again!

Since I took James up to the Museum, I've been thinking about what to work on next. I have a couple of projects in mind! (What's new?)

One is a piece I intended to do last year for the Embroiderers' Guild Regional competition. The theme was "Waterways", and I had a triptych in mind showing different levels of the water column in a pond: above the water, at the surface, and at the bottom. A vertical triptych, potentially. I never even got started, what with sorting out the trip to Australia, and researching for the waistcoat project. I was away for the Regional Day anyway. But now I have some time I've made a start on it. It has all sorts of pond life on it! Perhaps I can add it to the competition entries if they exhibit them again, but I can exhibit it myself anyway.

The other thing I need is a suitable period piece, ie 1770's. I'm doing some days in the Captain Cook Museum, stitching in costume, this summer: Easter Monday, Whit Monday, and the August Bank Holiday Monday. So I need something for 'Elizabeth' to work on, and the obvious choice is the Map Sampler from the Australian National Maritime Museum. It was probably done sometime later, around 1795-1800, in memory of James, but it's typical of the samplers of the period. It shows the Americas and most of the Pacific, with James' voyages shown as dotted lines.

So I've got hold of a good photo of the piece (Thank you, Caroline!) and I have traced it onto fine linen. It's an interesting challenge, using some nice fine silk threads. The geography it shows is interesting too, as the boundaries etc are all from about 1800. New Britain in Canada, New Spain in Mexico........

If you want to see more, watch this space, or come and see me working in the museum on the Bank Holidays!