All done!

Well, James is ensconced in the display case in the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby, all ready for the museum to re-open tomorrow! The bits of the exhibition I saw looked great, and the waistcoat looks well in its case, with a child's dress made of tapa cloth from the 19th century, and a rather lovely piece of modern painted tapa as a backdrop.

The exhibition is on until 31st October, and you can find the museum details on their website:

It's great to see him all done and looking well, but a little sad as well. He's been my main focus for the last six months, and there's a bit of "ok, now what?" running round my head. Ah, well, I'll find something......

I'm planning some days stitching in the museum, in costume, on the bank holidays: Easter, Whitsun and August. Maybe I'll see you there?! Details on the website nearer the time.