Tailoring, waistcoats - and a Studio!

"Oh, Frabjous Day! Calloo! Callay!" My Studio is finished! Keith put the final touches to it last night. It looks fabulous, just as I was hoping for.

It's been a good ten days. The weekend of 8/9th November I was in London, doing a two day course on Historical Tailoring Techniques at the School of Historical Dress. It was a great weekend: I learned a lot about tailoring and hand-stitching, as well as having a chance to look at some magnificent pieces from their collection. Talking to Jenny Tiramani, and Clare Thornton and Melanie Braun, the tutors, was excellent, and the rest of the group were good fun as well. I must try and go on some more of their courses. The sampler I made worked well (picture below), and the techniques will be very useful for the Waistcoat project. Gemma, my niece, and I had a good dinner together at Loch Fyne, putting the world to rights, on the Saturday, and Chris had a great weekend with Margaret and Keith at Aylsham. Altogether a very successful weekend.

Then on the Wednesday I finished the embroidery on the right front of the waistcoat. It's looking good! That's a BIG step along the way, and I'm more or less on time with my plans to get things completed for February, which is fairly miraculous. Now I need to get on with the right front, as well as plotting out the pattern.

In order to do that I need a flat surface - which I can now get sorted! Yeehay! It's a great feeling to have the studio finished and ready for me to organise it. The lighting is great, I have lots of storage space and bookcases, a full-length mirror, pin-boards.... everything I wanted. Today I need to move the furniture in, and make some curtains. I have felt a bit in limbo for the last few days, waiting for the final touches, but it is fantastic to have it ready. I've put some pics below of the completed room, waiting for the furniture. I'll post some more when it's all done! I'm planning a couple of Open Studio days, Dec 7th and Jan 17th, for people to come and have a look-see. I need to think about courses and workshops as well. I'm all fired up this morning, woke up dead early and eager to get going......