York Museum Visit

I had a great day yesterday in the Collection Store at York Museums Trust. Spent the whole day drooling (not literally, I promise!) over a WHOLE BOX of 18th century waistcoats, about a dozen or so. Several were beautifully embroiderered, including two that were so similar that they must have belonged to the same person, and were probably made by the same workshop. One J S Walker, Esq: his name was written in the lining of one of them!

Another couple were more plainly worked, on linen/cotton rather than silk, and with simpler embroidery. These were probably 'middling sort' or upper working class 'best' waistcoats. Interesting to compare them with the high-end garments! And another couple were pieces cut down or being altered, which allowed me to see details of construction, linings, stiffening etc, which will be invaluable during construction of the Cook Waistcoat.

I also had a great chance to talk to Faye Prior, the Collections Facilitator, and to Janet Hull from Yorkshire Coast College, who was researching 19th century corsets. A very interesting and informative day: many thanks, Faye! Museum Stores like that are a wonderful Aladdin's cave of stuff........

Rather an entertaining contrast with the night before, when it was at the University of Hull, listening to a fascinating lecture by Prof Iain Stewart (the TV Geologist) about Communicating science to the public. There's my former and current lives juxtaposed, right there! Very good lecture, which made one think about how communicating science works, and how vital it is to do it well - as Prof Iain certainly does!