Trip to the smoke - sort of!

Just back last night from a quick trip to London, or at least, to the suburbs. I had to go down to pick up a pair of embroidery trestles from Sophie Long Embroidery, in Sunbury-on-Thames. They are a bit too big to post! They should make working with a slate frame for the main pieces of the waistcoat much easier.

When I checked Google maps, Sophie's place was not far at all from both Hampton Court and Embroiderers Guild House in Walton. So that made a great excuse for an overnight stop, especially since I didn't really want to drive there and back in a day. I set off early on Wednesday, and got to Hampton Court just after lunch. Quick visit to the RSN shop, then spent a happy afternoon exploring the palace. It's my first visit: it's quite a place! I didn't even get to the gardens, since the weather was a bit iffy, and there was too much to see in the palace. I must get Chris down there sometime: it's quite accessible, even if there are quite a lot of cobbled yards. Called at Sophie's to collect the trestles, then crashed out at Premier Inn for the evening.

On Thursday morning I went to Embroiderers' Guild House in Walton-on-Thames to examine some waistcoats from the Collection that Annette Collinge had got out for me. I was made very welcome by Jackie Rayer and the staff at EG House, and spent a happy several hours drooling (not literally, of course!) over FIVE Eighteenth Century waistcoats: two embroidered in coloured silk and silver, one Indian tamboured one, and two early 18C Whitework ones. Bliss!

The only downside was the drive home. Several torrential showers, and the M25 doing its usual imitation of a car park. It took me four hours to drive down on Wednesday. It took SIX to drive home 24 hours later! Pictures of the trestles and two of the waistcoats attached.