Feeding the colour-addiction!

I have had a very pleasant colour-fix over the last few days. My absolute favourite threads, by Silk Mill Silks, have been extended to include another 100 COLOURS, making 700 shades in total! I indulged myself in the set of the new ones, to add to my complete collection, and have spent a happy few evenings winding them on to plastic bobbins. They come as skeins - in the first image - but I find they store better on the bobbins. Bliss!

They are 100% Chinese silk, lovely and smooth to stitch with, and if you are a real anorak like me, they are continuous filament, so they split beautifully to do really fine work. The range of colours and tones is fantastic, and Wendy has a conversion chart for DMC colours sorted, and one for Anchor colours is in production. The second picture shows the new colours, and the third shows the full set - barring a few that are stashed in smaller boxes because I'm using them for current projects. Six whole boxes!

You can find them on www.thesilkmill.com and the mail order is very efficient. They are not expensive for silk thread. They do cost a bit more than cotton embroidery thread, but the colours are much more vibrant, and the sheen is lovely. Do try them.