An amazing visit!

What a day! We're in Sydney, which is amazing for a start. It's a vibrant place, with loads to see and do, even just in the area around Darling Harbour. We've been to the Opera House, had dinner overlooking the harbour, explored the Endeavour replica..... It's been fantastic. Then there has been today!

This morning I was at the Australian National Maritime Museum. It's where I went round the Endeavour yesterday. Today I was in the conservation labs, getting up close and personal with a map sampler showing Cooks voyages, which is attributed to Elizabeth. A lovely piece of work, in quite good condition, with some interesting stitching. I'll post pics when I get back and can hook my camera up to the compy.

Then this afternoon I went to the State Library of NSW, to examine the original Cook Waistcoat that I am replicating. WOW! It was wonderful to be able to handle and study such a unique artefact. I learnt a huge amount about the stitching, details of the threads, stitches, the Tapa cloth, the metallic embroidery. It is reassuring in some ways, in that I feel now I can really do this! But at the same time it is gobsmacking that I have the opportunity to handle and study, and recreate, such unique historical pieces.

I would like to register my very grateful thanks to Sabina and Caroline at the Maritime Museum, and Margot Riley at the SLNSW, for their help, and for letting me see the pieces they hold for everyone.

Another small joy yesterday was a visit to the Lace Study Centre at Powerhouse Museum. They have a super collection of lace, embroidered, needle lace and bobbin lace dating from 16th century to contemporary. They are beautifully displayed in drawers which allow you to see them closely and photograph them. In addition they have volunteer lacemakers there every day to show visitors how to make lace and explain the collection. I had a lovely chat with Jay and Lynne!

So it's been an amazing trip so far, and we're only about 1/3rd of the way through it! Visit to Taranga Zoo to come, and a trip in the Harbour, then on to Wellington on Sunday. Gobsmacked is us!