What a week!

I am seriously shell-shocked. Last Thursday I got an email from the Society of Antiquaries of London, to say they had accepted my application for funding under their Janet Arnold Award for costume research. They have offered me the funding to pay for a trip to Australia to see the original pieces of the waistcoat I am reproducing for the Cook Museum, as well as a visit to Wellington, NZ, to see another waistcoat attributed to Elizabeth Cook, and supposedly worn by James. I can use that to get a feel for the original sizes and construction, I hope. It's a tremendous boost for me, and I'm very grateful for their support.

Then yesterday I called in at a fairly new Community Art project in Hull, Pride-of-place Art-space in Princes Quay, and met the manager, Alan Raw. I'm going to be exhibiting there during April, with a demonstration of my needlework on the opening night of the exhibition on April 4th, and doing a lecture on The Biology of Needlework on Sunday 6th April, at 1.30.

Everything is taking off wonderfully. The old cliche is always 'how did I ever find time for work?', but I didn't thing it would work this quickly, honest!

I'm heading for the stars: please, which way is up?