Almost there on the corset!

I'm making great progress on the corset for my 1770's costume. I've finished making up the individual pieces - eight of them, plus two shoulder straps. They are made of two layers of heavy calico, with an outer layer of dark brown linen. I've stitched it with black linen thread. The boning would have been whalebone, but using that is illegal these days, so I'm using synthetic whalebone from Vena Cava Designs. I've estimated that it needed somewhere between 20 and 25 metres!

It's been quite tough stitching it, but using disposable gloves to give me more grip has helped. Now I'm stitching the pieces together, and taping the seams with cotton tape. Then I need to cover the edges with the same tape - and see if the d--m thing still fits me!

I've managed to making the lacing cord using a lucet, which is a bit more authentic than piping cord (which I used for the mock-up one!) The eyelets are stitched by hand as well. The only thing which is not very authentic is that I have included front lacing as well as back. 18th century corsets were largely back-laced, but I don't have a minion to help lace me up, so I thought I'd better put front lacing in as well! It gives me a bit more wriggle-room if I manage to lose some more weight, too.

Picture of the completed pieces below: I'll keep you posted, Dear Reader, when it's all done!