Left-cross or right-cross?

I've been doing a bit of cross-stitch (boo, boo!) as a way of keeping hands busy while my dad is staying with us. I lend him my chair as it is a recliner, so I haven't got my good light to stitch with. So I thought I would make a sign for my new Studio's door. The builder is starting work on the garage conversion in January - hooray!

I started out doing the stitches with the top layer going top right to bottom left - but within four stitches I had reverted to my usual top left -> bottom right! It's funny how we all have a preferred way. So, which are you? / or \? And is it related in any way to handedness?

I'm right-handed, and I'm a back-slash person, ie top layer is \. How about a little straw poll : which are you?