Why the snail?

Long story! A few years ago I bought a facsimile copy of Richard Shoreleyker's "A Scholehouse for the Needle" which is a pattern book for needlework, especially needle lace and embroidery. It was originally published in 1632, and if you are interested in historical embroidery it's a fabulous resource.


In the book are some fabulous patterns, including a wonderful pair of snails with big grins on their faces, that I fell in love with.

After a while a friend of mine pointed out that I was putting a snail in most of my designs when I could find an excuse. Just a little one......

So I decided to make the snail my logo. Having decided, I felt I ought to stitch a proper snail to use as a logo, and since turquoise and purple are my favourite colours, that's what he became. Snail-pace seemed appropriate for the pace of my work as well, since it is all hand-stitched. So now I put a tiny snail on all my designs, on the front if possible, in a hidden corner if not. If the colours match he is turquoise and purple, if not whatever fits with the design. It's easier than initials, and more fun. Even my historical costume reconstructions have a snail somewhere.

To add to the fun, one of my students bought me a little snail brooch, (thank you, Sharon!) so I often wear that, as well as my snail name badge. Keep your eyes out for him; the logo version has go-faster stripes, so he's getting there quite well!


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Went hunting after the Lincoln Bailgate Embroiderers Guild meeting on Friday, and managed to get a reproduction copy of it. Got lots of great designs in it, I'm sure I'll find lots to inspire me in there! Many thanks for the information.

There is so much to work with there! I've had loads of inspiration from it - which is just what the author intended, after all. Good luck, and post me some pics to show what you get up to!