Dresdenwork neckerchief finished!

I have finished a piece of Dresdenwork I have been working on for a year now - not all the time, of course, but I started it in February last year! It's a new neckerchief, since the one I already have is on exhibition in the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby this year. One of the hazards of exhibiting stuff is needing more stuff to keep you going in the meanwhile......

Captain Cook Museum Exhibition 2016: Stitch-Off Challenge!

If you haven't yet discovered this, Dear (Embroiderer) Reader, then you are missing a lot of fun! Dr Jennie Batchelor from the University of Kent has published a series of patterns from The Lady's Magazine, published between 1770 and 1818, and they are online for Embroiderers to play with. Here's the link:

Great Lady's Magazine Stitch-off!

There was an interesting message on Twitter the other day, with details of a fascinating challenge! Kent University English Department are studying the Lady's Magazine, which was published from 1770-1818. It was the first regular journal for women. Details of the project can be found here:

Reporting on progress!

Sorry I've not posted anything for a while, Dear Reader, but i haven't been idle, honest. I have several projects on the go at the moment (what's new, you cry!) and they are finally beginning to come together. I've also been on holiday for a couple of weeks in Scotland and the lakes, which has been refreshing as well as useful from the work angle.

First attempt at Millinery!

I've been invited to the opening of the Exhibition of the Stubb's Kongouroo Picture at the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby tomorrow evening. It seemed to me that for an evening reception, Elizabeth would have worn her best gown, so I've spent the last few days making a taffeta gown using some material I found in a sale at Bombay Stores. Rather gorgeous purple shot taffeta. I'll get someone to take a picture tomorrow.

Bit of DIY!

There's nothing like creating an unholy mess in a good cause! A couple of weeks ago, Chris and I spent a weekend in Cambridge with my niece, Gemma and her boyfriend David. Great weekend, Russell Watson concert at the Royal Albert Hall on the Saturday, and then the boys (David, Chris, Gemma's stepdad and her half-brother Tom) plus her mum all went to the Air Museum at Duxford for a Boys' birthday treat. Not my scene, so Gemma and I went to a local farm shop, then on a vineyard tour at Chilford Hall. Well worth a visit, btw: very interesting tour and good wine to sample.

Getting ready to exhibit

I've been getting pieces ready this morning to submit some pieces of work to POP: Pride-of-Place Artspace in Princes Quay. Their next exhibition is focussing on Craft pieces: Embroidery, ceramics, sewing, knitting and so on. It's a great opportunity for local crafters to show off their work. The exhibition is titled "Hand-made" and it will run through June and July, opening on June 5th.

Busy few days!

Chris and I had a few days in Whitby over the Easter break. Partly to check Mum's house was ok: she's still away in South Africa on holiday, so we stayed there to keep it 'busy' looking. The weather was ridiculously lovely for the first weekend in April.